Automated proctoring by Proctorio

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Automated proctoring by Proctorio

This article highlights how the Automated proctoring by Proctorio and Cirrus works. 

How to setup integration with Proctorio in Cirrus

To make use of Proctorio you should have an agreement with Proctorio. Once the agreement is final, Proctorio will share K&S Keys for Cirrus to setup. Once the K&S details are received by Cirrus it will take a maximum of 24 hours to setup.

After these steps are completed a new tab will appear on the admin: Admin -> Global settings -> Proctorio 

Make sure you define the Proctorio Lock settings/lockdown options which you like to activate. In case of any questions about these settings, please take advise from Proctorio.

Don't forget to save the page at the bottom of the page. The settings will have effect on schedules which you publish after these Proctorio settings were made.

NOTE: Changes in Proctorio settings will not be included in exams that are already scheduled. If you want to include the latest changes in already scheduled exams, you have to unschedule and schedule them again.

Steps to follow: Delivery -> Schedule -> open schedule -> Edit schedule settings -> Unschedule -> Schedule

This will force the schedule to gain the updated Proctorio settings.




Getting started with Proctorio as a Candidate

Setup proctorio as a candidate

Proctorio is extremely easy to set up. All you need is an updated version of the Google Chrome browser with the Proctorio extension added to it. 

First, ensure that your system meets Proctorio's modest minimum requirements

Next go to and follow the on-screen instructions. This process will ensure your system is ready to take an exam and will allow you to add the Proctorio extension to Google Chrome. 

Candidate Experience Proctorio in Cirrus

A candidate can recognise a remote proctored assessment in the Cirrus Dashboard by the icon in the image below.


If you don't have installed the chrome extension yet, you are required to install the google extension


After the installation of the extension, you'll receive the following information:


System Diagnostics Test, make sure you allow to use your Webcam + microphone:


Getting ready for the assessment:


Exam Agreement:


After you taken all the steps, you are ready to start the assessment in Cirrus as you are used to. The only difference is you'll see a 'Camera Tool' (which you can place anywhere on your screen).

Click on "Start Assessment" to start.



How to activate Proctorio as an Author

To activate Proctorio in an Assessment as an Author go to the "Options tab" of an Assessment and make sure to:

  1. Check the box "Use Proctorio"
  2. Make sure the "Max time allowed for each attempt (minutes)" of an assessment isn't higher then 8 hours



Dashboard Proctorio

After a candidate has finished their assessment it could take up to 5 minutes when the Candidate recording will be available on the Proctorio Dashboard. Per schedule you can obtain a url of the dashboard which contains all candidates of that specific schedule.

The link can be found via Delivering -> Invigilation by clicking on the camera icon of the specific candidate.




How does it work

How does Proctorio work in Cirrus for candidates?

It depends on the assessment security options which you have configured, but basically it works as described in our knowledge base

How do I set up a Proctorio assessment in Cirrus?

This is very easy. Just check the ‘Proctorio’ checkbox in the options of an Assessment, see

How can I set the security levels for the proctored assessment?

You are able to define the settings in the admin. These includes amongst other:

  • Identification process
  • Audio recording
  • Video recording
  • Leniency for the AI to discover cheating
  • Disable opening of new tabs
  • Disable right-clicking

For more information see

What happens if a candidate lost a internet connection

The student has a two minute window to reconnect in case he/she loses internet connection. If the student does not reconnect in 2 minutes, the exam will be stopped.

Contractual aspects

Do I need a separate agreement for remote proctoring?
Yes, as well as being a Cirrus customer, you will need an agreement with Proctorio.

What is the pricing for Proctorio?

From a Cirrus point of view there are no costs involved. Please contact Proctorio for more information about pricing for the remote proctoring. Proctorio offers pricing “per user” and “per test”.

Can I try it before making a decision?

Yes, please contact Cirrus for access to a trial account.  


Integration Proctorio in Cirrus

What is needed to set up the Proctorio integration?

K&S keys from Proctorio after the agreement is signed. 

Can I use different security options per schedule?

No, currently the security options are set per site, but we are working on allowing you to set these yourself per assessment

How long will it take to set up the Proctorio integration?

Once you have an agreement with Proctorio and delivered us the options, it could take up to 1 working day to activate it on your Cirrus site.



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