Delivery: enabling Text To Speech TTS in my assessment delivery via ReadSpeaker

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ReadSpeaker: enabling Text To Speech (TTS) or reading content aloud for candidates in my assessment delivery

With the release in Q1 2019 it will become possible to have content read aloud to candidates. This can be done automatically or by manually highlighting text and is only enabled for those candidates who need this. Cirrus has implemented ReadSpeaker to enable this.

Setting up ReadSpeaker on your environment

  • Contact Cirrus to setup a ReadSpeaker account / license
  • Following this Cirrus will enable ReadSpeaker on your environment
  • You can then enable ReadSpeaker for eligible candidates on their user-profile.

Setting up ReadSpeaker for a candidates / exams

Using ReadSpeaker is not an exam setting; it is setup on the user profile after it has been enabled for your environment:


Using ReadSpeaker: how does it work

If a candidate has ReadSpeaker enabled, the ReadSpeaker button will appear on the top left next to the logo


  • Clicking on the play button will start reading the text on the page aloud.
  • ReadSpeaker is implemented in for standard question types (like MC, MR and most others) it will not work with for example the Sowiso question type).
  • DocReader support is not yet available in Cirrus
  • ReadSpeaker will also read the welcome and the finish page

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