The Cirrus and ProctorU integration

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The power of remote proctoring by ProctorU combined out of the box with Cirrus

This article highlights how the out of the box integration for Cirrus and  ProctorU works. Later on we will also add information on some of the benefits using our integrated services.

A checklist for those using the Cirrus - ProctorU integration

When setting up an exam to be delivered using ProctorU there are 4 main things to remember:

  1. Correct use of the Assessment External ID
  2. Correct Security Settings to allow remote invigilation - *No* PIN or SEB
  3. Candidate account setup when using Cirrus - ProctorU
  4. Extra time for candidates with ability accommodations (particular needs) - remember to setup a separate exam for those.

Also remember:

  • The above checklist is only valid after the one time setup has been completed together with your Cirrus agent.
  • Schedules created via ProctorU will be accessible via a generic, default hierarchy. This is relevant for manual marking and acces to reports on candidates results.
  • Proctors from ProctorU use their own Lockdown Browser and do not have access to your environment, nor to the Invigilator dashboard and actions in Cirrus.

Candidate account setup when using Cirrus - ProctorU

Customers can choose to use to use the proctorU user ID as the unique identifier for candidates. Using the ProctorU API you can also use the unique ID from your own systems to match users in Cirrus.

  1. A user gets an account in ProctorU (self registration or from an external system)
  2. When the user is scheduled (self or by you) the schedule and user are created in Cirrus
  3. By default ProctorU uses the ProctorU user_id to set the Cirrus username and userID (in the Cirrus API this is called the CandidateExtId).





Any string

If not set Candidate UserName = CandidateExtId







User ID in Cirrus UI

  • Alternatively ProctorU can opt to use the ProctorU student_id to set the Cirrus username andCirrus userID (Cirrus API term: CandidateExtId).
  • You as a customer can set the ProctorU student_id for a user via the proctorU API (see
  • This means you will have have a Cirrus username and ID which match the unique ID in your system. (FYI: You cannot set the ProctorU user_id).

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