Product Update | 2019-02-08 | Cirrus Assessment

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Product Update |  2019-02-08 | Cirrus Assessment

This release was initially planned for Friday February 8th 2019 at 06:00am CET, (check your local time here). It was moved to Saturday February 9th at 06:00am CET.

Approximately 90-120 minutes of possible service interruptions were to be expected because of migrations involved regarding the new item versioning.

However, following the release an issue was detected. This has been resolved

Item versioning / extended editing of items that are in use in assessments [NEW]

With this release we will introduce item versioning to extend to possibilities to edit items that are being used in assessments. Be sure to have a look at our article on the new item revisioning. Some highlights:

  • Using a Collection role setting: you will be able to allow users to change used Live items
  • Depending on the changes made to an Item used in an assessment you will create a new revision or a new version of the Item
  • Assessment authors will be alerted on new versions of items.

SOWISO question set

The SOWISO question type will be extended with an extra tab called 'Question set':


Using this you can create SOWISO exercise sets which offers the possibility to use shared parameters over multiple questions.

For candidates these question sets will show on one page and as one question in their overview. For more information see Sowiso question sets: using variables over multiple questions.

ReadSpeaker support for your candidates

Be sure to check out if you want to use Readspeaker for your Text To Speech: to have content read or manually highlighted text read aloud for those candidates who need this. Starting this release you can contact us if you want to use this. More details: read ReadSpeaker: enabling Text To Speech or reading content aloud for candidates in my assessment delivery.

Integrations: authentication method change

During Q4 2018 we've been in touch with all customers who were using integrations and informed them to change their authentication method when using the Cirrus REST API.
Starting Friday February 8th the EAPI token as generated for your environment will officially be the only way to authenticate.
The Bearer token method will be deprecated and no longer work to schedule using an integration for example. Contact us if you have any questions.

Other changes / fixes / known issues

Some really nice improvements for invigilators:

  • [Delivering > Invigilation tab] Added filter for schedules with active users
  • [Delivering > Invigilation tab] Added search on candidate
  • [Delivering > Invigilation tab] Show start, end time and assessment duration

And following your feedback:

  • [Marking > Assess > Submissions > Scoring page] When page is opened, cursor should be set in Score field
  • [Library > Items tabs] It should be possible to search by item

All our Release Notes

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You can always find all our updates and release notes on our customer portal. Listed items can be subject to change. Please do not hesitate to contact us. You can send us your thoughts and comments at .

Best Regards,

The Cirrus Assessment Team


[1] Regarding our release announcements: 

Please note that items listed in an announcement for a release can be subject to change. We are working very hard to get all this great stuff out to you. However, each item goes through our rigorous manual and automated testing and needs to get a final 'green light' to be included. Our announcements serve to give you a heads up. Upon request we also offer the opportunity for you to do your own pre-testing for high-impact releases.


Incident following the release:

2019-02-09 10:19am CET: Please be informed that an issue was detected following the release. We are working very hard to resolve this. As soon as we have more information we will update this page.

2019-02-09 11:26am CET: the issue has been identified. Our team is working on a fix.

2019-02-09 13:10pm CET: the issue has been resolved. Status is 'green again'. Final checks are being done.

2019-02-09 13:26pm CET: All checks have been done. Sincerest apologies if this has caused you any inconvenience. We wish you have a nice weekend.

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    Cirrus Assessment Support Team

    2019-02-07 (YYY-MM-DD):

    Please be informed that the release planned for February 8th will be moved to a later date.
    We will inform you as soon as we get the final green light via this page.

    Kind Regards, The Cirrus Assessment Team

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    Hendrik Hijzen

    We are happy to announce that the release planned for February 8 has passed the quality assurance and will be released to production on Saturday February 10 at 07:00am CET.

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