Product Update |  2019-04-05 | Cirrus Assessment

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Product Update |  2019-04-05 | Cirrus Assessment

Announcing a low impact release for Friday April 5th 2019 at 06:00am CET, (check your local time here).

Approximately 60 minutes of possible service interruptions are to be expected. This release is planned to be available on cirrusbeta one week prior this release date.

New Item type: Comprehensive Integrated Puzzle (CIP) questions [NEW]

The CIP question is developed in collaboration with Radboud University and is a much used question type for medical education. It tests the integrative elements of diagnostic thinking and clinical reasoning. At the same time it preserves the ability to discern proficiency in various disciplinary elements.


New Item type: the Financial Statement question [NEW]

We were still working very hard on this so it did not make our last release. Using the Financial Statement item type you can create versatile questions specifically geared toward Balance Sheets, Income statements, Account statements.


More info on this type will be added to our article on the different item types in Cirrus once it is on cirrusbeta.

Other changes / fixes / known issues

  • [Candidate Delivery] Connection loss message 'Q43' - when a candidate is taking an exam and the client cannot save answers a Q43 message will now show after 1 minute. Before this was set to 4 minutes. This message prevents the candidate losing work. If the message persists you can reboot or relocate the user. Please be sure to send a rapport to Cirrus.
  • [User import from Excel] we've added two new options when importing users from an excel file. You can find a new example format hereMost customers will not use these and you can skip selecting these when importing:


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[1] Regarding our release announcements: 

Please note that items listed in an announcement for a release can be subject to change. We are working very hard to get all this great stuff out to you. However, each item goes through our rigorous manual and automated testing and needs to get a final 'green light' to be included. Our announcements serve to give you a heads up. Upon request we also offer the opportunity for you to do your own pre-testing for high-impact releases.

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