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The last few months have seen some truly innovative question types becoming available in Cirrus, like the programming question type, the financial statement and comprehensive integrated puzzle. You can read all about these in our knowledge base.

While a separate team has been working on these question types, a second team has been working on some great improvements to the core Cirrus platform. We would like to familiarise you with these upcoming changes, most of which are already available on beta. We will also send out separate announcements with release dates.

We have looked at the features most used and analysed ways of improving those. Below is a description of these improvements that will be released shortly to the Cirrus platform.


Sections is a great way to group questions in Cirrus and is often used for case-based assessments. The improvements to sections includes:

  • It will be possible to add learning objectives and taxonomies to sections
  • Sections will have versioning and revision history
  • It will be possible to use sections using the blueprint when setting up the assessment
  • Sections will be extended with options for setting pass-mark and define how many questions within a section the candidate must answer
  • Candidates will get an introduction page before starting on a section
  • Sections will be displayed in the overview pop-up for the candidates
  • Sections will be displayed in reports
  • Sections will be displayed in collections, manual question selection, assessment forms and more

Sections are clearly displayed in Collections. The same style will apply to other parts of the system where items are displayed. 


Advanced options in sections including ability to set pass-mark for the section and select how many questions within the section a candidate need to answer. 



The blueprint in Cirrus is a great way to create your assessments. You have complete control of what you are testing and you can make sure you have the right weighing between the different topic areas.

These are the improvements we are releasing related to the blueprint:

  • Improved UI, including drag and drop of topics and learning objectives
  • Create the blueprint from scratch or based on an existing collection
  • Optimalisation for faster generation of forms, especially for random forms (LOFT)

The new blueprint will have the possibility to be created based on the Learning objectives and taxonomies you are using in a collection as well as several other improvements


Print and scan

We have completely reworked the print and scan functionality and also included support for scanning of paper-based essay scripts, which will allow you to mark these on-screen (eMarking). Scanning of paper-scripts will send the results back to Cirrus automatically. Please note that this is an additional module.

Print and scan of multiple choice, Either/or, Multiple response and Essay. 



The login-as functionality allows you to impersonate a user for troubleshooting purposes.


API changes

We are adding API's for creating and managing collections and hierarchies.



We are adding 'select-all' functionality to most of the tables in Cirrus. For instance if a page has more than 100 rows, you will be able to select all the rows in that table.

Select all allows you to select all available rows in the table.


Performance data

We are extending the item performance data by showing how much time candidates spend on average on a question and in which assessments the items have been used.

Improved statistics allows you to see performance data of items



The reports will be optimised for responsive design and the UI will allow for new features to be introduced, like adjusting the score of auto-scored questions, showing feedback to candidates and comments from candidates (notepad functionality). Moreover, section data will be displayed in the reports.

The new summary/detailed report will have a cleaner interface and be more responsive, as well as displaying information about sections (total score for the section, whether or not the candidate passed the section etc.)


In addition to these awesome improvements, we are also working on a number of smaller improvements, like adding columns to tables, adding filters, UI improvements and more.

Curious about what we will be working on next? The main areas we are looking into now are improvements to Marking and Multiple forms. Stay tuned for more great improvements, and don't forgot to give us feedback. The beta can be used for testing these features before the release. 



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