Product Update | June 21 - 2019 | Cirrus Assessment

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Product Update |  June 21 - 2019 | Cirrus Assessment

Announcing a medium impact release for Friday June 21st 2019 at 06:00am Central European Time, (check your local time here).

We expect 20 minutes downtime while performing the release. This release is planned to be available on cirrusbeta one week prior this release date.

The release will contain the following improvements:

  • Login-as functionality
  • Automatic forwarding to authoring or candidate dashboard when logging in
  • Changes to annotations sharing logic


This enables the system administrators to assume the identity of other users within Cirrus for troubleshooting purposes.



Automatic forwarding of URL

You no longer have to enter /author or /delivery. Cirrus will automatically detect the role of the user and log in to the appropriate environment. 

Changes to annotations sharing

Annotations can now be shared between markers during the marking process (previously it was only possible after markers had submitted their scores).

Other fixes

  • [Sowiso] fix for Import of Sowiso question set 
  • [Sowiso] (Imported) Question set variables change (fixed) 
  • [Sowiso] As a candidate I want the SOWISO keypad to be displayed below input fields in order not to have overlap for candidates entering data
  • [Scheduling] Fix for attempt generation when adding extra user immediately after attempt generation
  • [Import Users] Excel import: empty value for 'Special Needs' should NOT overwrite / update user to 'no'
  • [Assessment] Title shown and Title field do not match
  • [API] Add group method does not add new hierarchy to parent
  • [Programming] Impossible to rename file
  • [Export] Candidate results: Add add columns with start and finish time and time spent
  • [Candidate Delivery] Show questions related to section in border


Sneak preview

Stay tuned for other great improvements in the near future. As soon as a release date has been set, we will announce it. A sneak preview can be found below...

Blueprint improvements (sneak preview)

The blueprint is a much used and loved functionality. We are finalising our work on several improvements, including the possibility to use sections with blueprints, base the blueprint on a template, dragging and dropping of topics and learning objectives within a blueprint and more.


Possibility to manually score auto-scored questions.

Not only will it be possible to navigate through auto-scored questions as well as human marked questions during marking, but you will also be able to overrule the scoring of the computer.


Usage statistics

Usage statistics gives you insight into how your items are used, like how much time does the candidates spend on average on a question or assessment and in which assessments are the items used.


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